Underground Cannabis Dinners Are Creating Quite a Buzz in the Bay Area (and Wine Is No Longer the Primary Food …

Recreational cannabis sales has arrived in California, but the latest hot dining trend—cannabis dinners—remain underground.

The renegade spirit of San Francisco’s underground suppers and pop-ups from about 10 years ago is back, although now there’s something decidedly aromatic in the air, and it’s not just the smell of meat grilling or bread baking… It’s another kind of bake: the unmistakable wafting of cannabis. All over the Bay Area (and beyond), private dinners and events mingling food and the consumption of cannabis in many of its myriad forms—from edibles to vapes to good old-fashioned joints—are the latest hot ticket, and you won’t find a seat on OpenTable (yet).

Whether you’re new to cannabis, gently returning to it after a break (all those bong loads you had in your twenties are a hazy memory), or are already a daily toker, there’s a spot for everyone at the table. Some chefs infuse cannabis into their

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