Educating The Public About Marijuana Edible Consumption

As the US legal cannabis market continues to mature, it brings with it a rise in marijuana edible consumption. This market trend comes in conjunction with an overall increase in the sophistication of cannabis business models, as these companies develop branded edibles products aimed at mainstream Americans. Point being, the days of homemade “magic brownies” are coming to an end—cannabis edible products are entering the marketplace in new, fashionable ways.

The mainstream acceptance of edibles goods is evident in places like Denver, CO, a city which features large billboards warning that “edibles last six hours.” This consumer safety warning—geared towards motorists—that is proudly displayed in the heart of a major American metropolis sheds some insight into the current popularity of edibles.

While branding efforts and state education programs are helpful in creating consumer awareness with cannabis edibles, the industry as a whole lacks a standardized testing and labeling system

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