‘I Just Love Getting People High’: In the Kitchen With a Black-Market Edibles Maker

Over the past 18 months, Fritz, a craft cannabis producer in Toronto, estimates he has made more than 250,000 cannabis-infused gummies. Every one of them has been illegal.

Despite a new poll showing a full third of Canadian consumers prefer to eat their cannabis, the Canadian government has said they will not be ready to regulate an edible market until 12 months after legalization is introduced. For now, producers like Fritz, who is one of hundreds, labor precariously, building up small businesses that face an uncertain future, while the legalization boom awaits.

In a previous life, Fritz worked downtown, in Toronto’s financial district, wearing a suit and tie and putting his MBA to use. “I was all about that life, then one day I realized how fucking unhappy I was,” he says. “And then I realized I could make money doing what I love.”

Fritz runs his own family business now, with

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