How to go calorie-free with homemade cannabis capsules

homemade cannabis capsules

For skeptical patients, cannabis capsules offer the botanical drug in a familiar modality. | Photo by Bruce Wolf

Celebrity cannabis chef Laurie Wolf takes you from zero to hero in the kitchen with our series “Cannabis Cooking Basic with Laurie Wolf.” This week: how to make your own cannabis capsules.

Cannabis capsules, also known as canna-capsules, are food-grade capsules that have been filled with concentrated cannabis oil. These can be swallowed as you would an ordinary pill. Capsules provide similar effects as edibles and are ideal for those who wish to ingest cannabis but don’t want the added calories. They are a simple, smokeless way to ingest a standardized amount of cannabis. They have a slow onset (taking anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to kick in) and a long duration (effects last 4 to 8 hours). Like edibles, capsules

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