Oregon sees spike in teens poisoned by marijuana

The number of teens poisoned by marijuana spiked last year in Oregon.

About 70 adolescents between ages 13 and 19 sought treatment in an emergency room or called the Oregon Poison Center over symptoms such as anxiety, agitation and hallucinations. That compares with 40 the year before.

The rise is worrisome, but not alarming, said Dr. Robert Hendrickson, associate medical director of the poison center, located at Oregon Health Science University.

“I think you can look at it two ways,” he said. “It’s increasing and that is a concern. On the other hand, 70 cases for the entire state in a whole year is pretty small.”

Though the emergency cases are up, marijuana use among Oregon adolescents has remained flat over the past five years, according to state health officials. A report published last week noted a slight increase in use of cannabis by teens nationwide in 2017.

The Oregon Poison Center’s data

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