The search for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe is over

A pastry chef, a cannabis connoisseur and a 10-year-old walk into The Washington Post. There’s no punchline. That’s who we asked to judge some of the most popular chocolate chip cookie recipes on the web.

Arguably more American than apple pie, this cookie – which celebrates its 80th birthday next year – is adored for its simplicity and nostalgic nature. Because opinions differ widely about how the perfect chocolate chip cookie should taste, the internet is swimming with recipes claiming to be “the best,” often promising results that would be super-chewy, crispy, extra-chocolaty or even health-conscious.

We wanted to single out one recipe as victorious (and probably stir up some controversy in the process), so we tried 10 of the most promising recipes and narrowed down the options to six, based on popularity and notable ingredients or baking techniques. We

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