Maine processors who make pot products facing state crackdown

Maine plans to start cracking down on the growing number of labs and kitchens that specialize in turning cannabis into a product that doesn’t have to be smoked.

The state Department of Health and Human Services says processors, labs and kitchens that turn caregiver cannabis into manufactured products such as foods, oral tinctures, topical salves and vaporizer waxes for medical marijuana caregivers are breaking state rules and will face harsh penalties, such as losing their caregiver license or referral to law enforcement. Inspectors are warning caregivers that the crackdown will begin Feb. 1.

Processors, caregivers and patients want to fight the crackdown, saying it would end a startup industry that makes high-quality, potent concentrates – in an environment that is safer than do-it-yourself basement operations – and that helps patients who don’t like to smoke their medicine. They may ask a legislative committee that will have to sign off on rule changes

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