Good chocolate not ‘strong’ marijuana flavor wins edible cannabis consumers, says Nutritional High’s owner

“We knew that the marijuana market is going to grow bigger and bigger since we started the company around four years ago, but there is a lot of delivery methods that surpass just smoking marijuana,”​ Posner said. “[Good chocolate] would make intake easier for people.”

Prior to launching Nutritional High, which now mainly manufactures its FLI brand in Colorado and California, Posner worked in the beverage industry in Canada. His experience selling hemp seed-infused beer made him interested in cannabis.

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Dollar sales growth of US chocolate edibles over the years. Source: BDS Analytics

US cannabis-infused chocolate sales totaled $34.34m for the past 52 weeks through September this year, growing at 28% year-over-year, according to cannabis consumer insights provider BDS Analytics. While units sold were 1.88 million during the same period, growing at 15%.

“This suggests prices are inching up. The average retail is $18.22,”

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