Baked to Perfection: The Vegan Stoner Shares a Savory, Spacey Carrot Mac Recipe

Designers Sarah Conrique and Graham I. Haynes set out to prove that a vegan lifestyle isn’t as hoity toity as those unfamiliar with animal-free diets may assume. Enter The Vegan Stoner, a sentient tomato avatar who consistently rocks a chef’s hat, as well as a hella hazy eye glaze. (He’s stoned. Get it?). The anthropomorphic tomato leads readers on a visual journey to melt the intimidation of assembling delicious vegan fare — namely, the “lazy” way. Now deep into wrapping up the third installment in The Vegan Stoner Cookbook series, it’s safe to say the duo and their animated pal are still making major moves to help make vegan cooking more accessible.

MERRY JANE caught up with Conrique and Haynes (who jointly answered the questions below) to chat about the lack of great branding in Portland’s dispensary scene, how The Vegan Stoner developed its visual aesthetic, and why exactly people

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