Raise Your Hand if You Smoke Weed!


While on vacation in California recently, I smoked weed in front of my mom for the first time.

Scratch that. I didn’t smoke weed in front of her. What I actually did was whip out a joint and tell her I was going to smoke it in her bathroom, where she regularly smokes her cigarettes to keep her apartment from smelling like tobacco. So I was actually trying to be respectful by hotboxing her bathroom.

When she saw the joint, she made that face mothers make right before they say, “What you not gon’ do … ” But my mother didn’t say anything. She just shook her head and walked away.

Now, my mom kinda suspected that I was a weed smoker. But when California finally legalized recreational marijuana—or adult use of marijuana, which some pro-cannabis activists prefer because, honestly, no

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