From Big Pharma to Cannabis Advocacy: Whistleblower Victoria Starr on Doing the Right Thing

Pharmacists don’t typically advise their patients to utilize the healing properties of cannabis. Testing concerns, lack of federal legalization and a general absence of solid research from the U.S. tend to keep the healing plant outside the realm of prescribed medicine. Enter Victoria Starr. A registered pharmacist, she now acts as a consultant and educator to clients, politicians and doctors through NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Southwest Washington, and has partnered with Oregon-based Gesundheit Foods to create an upcoming line of high-end edibles.

The reason she no longer works for Big Pharma? She exposed her former employer’s unethical practices, resulting in one of the largest pharmaceutical settlements in American history. Starr was instrumental in taking down Janssen, a subsidiary of pharma giant Johnson Johnson, and its inaccurate marketing of Risperdal, an antipsychotic drug. The story is soon to be chronicled by George Clooney and the creators of

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