Meet The Herbal Chef, The Man Turning Weed-Infused Food Gourmet

Chris Sayegh, known as The Herbal Chef, is turning the melding of cannabis and food into an art form.

For most people the idea of mixing marijuana and food still centers on either edibles or being high and getting the munchies. But that was the pre-cannabis boom of recent years that is turning marijuana into a more than six billion dollar business in 2016. Marijuana and all attached with it is becomingly increasingly sophisticated and cultured.

That is never more evident than dining on the remarkable melding of cannabis and gourmet food created by Chris Sayegh, known as The Herbal Chef. A gourmet chef trained at Michelin restaurants like Santa Monica, California’s Melisse, Sayegh, who also is an avid weed connoisseur, turns cannabis-infused food into an art form.

At a recent dinner he hosted for attendees of Summit L.A. the ten-course tasting menu included oysters, beet gnocchi, beef, all infused with weed

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