‘The Four Top’: Jami Curl | Michelle Lopez | Kyra Bussanich

Jami Curl is the author of Candy Is Magic: Real Ingredients, Moden Recipes.nbsp;

Jami Curl is the author of “Candy Is Magic: Real Ingredients, Moden Recipes.” 

Courtesy of the author

We kick off episode 33 examining how three notable niche businesses created their own unusual spaces in the culinary industry.

For our second course, we’ve all heard that strong branding is key to success. But each of our panel of culinary pros has gone a step further, developing a unique personal style that reflects her work. We discuss the importance of aesthetic consistency in a cutthroat field.

And for our third course, we examine society’s psychological struggle with sugar. While ‘clean eating’ dominates Instagram feeds, indulgent desserts are selling like hotcakes. We ask our sugar-expert guests what they make of the

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