Restaurant Serves “Blunts,” Helping Normalize Cannabis Through Food

Brotha Dudes is a family-run restaurant located in Bellingham, Washington that offers a unique culinary and social experience. Specifically, they have named many of their menu items after references from cannabis culture, such as the “Dudes Blunt” and the “Cali Spliff.” Sourcing local and wholesome ingredients for their food, they strive to offer a fast, affordable, healthy option for people in downtown Bellingham. While there is no actual cannabis in their recipes, they do have a food truck which they occasionally park outside local dispensaries.

Since its opening, Brotha Dudes has been enthusiastically received by the community and has found early success. We interviewed three of the co-owners of the business about their menu and the ideology behind their restaurant: watch our micro-documentary below and scroll down to read the backstory!

Brotha Dudes was founded by Briana and Julius Stoker in 2016 with the mission to create healthy,

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