How To Incorporate Mary Jane into Your Holiday Party

Gone are the days when having cannabis at your holiday party meant unlabeled pot brownies and bongs.

Thanks to artisan cannabis crafters in California, you can now have sparkling infused beverages, cannabis tea cocktails, vape bars, and an array of presentations that are classy and fun.

The folks at Sava—the online marketplace for cannabis goods that delivers to your door—have collected the following ideas for bringing cannabis to your holiday party in a way that’s sure to impress (and relax) your guests.

For a celebration-worthy cannabis drink, try La Grandeur Sparkling THC Cranberry Beverage, a low dose (5mg) sparkling experience that feels even more special than champagne.

Cannabis Cocktails and Drinks

There are two easy ways to make delicious cannabis cocktails with or without added alcohol.

Kikoko “Teatails” use cannabis infused teas as a base and build

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