Cannabis themed books can be fun gifts – The Spokesman

As cannabis becomes more mainstream in the West, more books on growing marijuana, cooking with marijuana, healing with marijuana and, even coloring perhaps under the influence of marijuana are available from mainstream booksellers.

If you – or someone on your gift list – like the idea of further education or entertainment around this herb, consider giving a different kind of paper to cannabis fans.

Many can be found on online for couch-locked shoppers, but feel free to call your local bookstore for their selection too. A quick trip to Auntie’s Bookstore and Barnes Noble proved that there are books about bud topics in abundance.

Auntie’s Bookstore has a variety of titles in their gardening and cooking sections. And of course, they are always happy to order any book.

For gardeners in your life who either are just starting or already have a thriving collection of plants, there are plenty of suggestions, including:

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