Small Batch, Big Profits: Dedication to Detail from Evergreen Organix

Evergreen Organix Edibles

In a white-walled kitchen, chefs shift trays from oven to cooling rack, ingredients from box to bowl. It’s what’s going on in kitchens all over Las Vegas, but the edible dosing safety cards in the lobby and “Quarantined for Testing” signs in the storage area are a clear reminder that Evergreen Organix is cooking with cannabis.

“Everything is handmade in small batches,” says Jerry Velarde, President of Evergreen. “We do high-end, high-quality—not high volume.” At one end of the building, grow rooms generate the raw material for everything from lip balms to vape pens, but edibles are Evergreen Organix’s forte.

Evergreen Organix Edibles - Las Vegas, NV
Evergreen Organix Edibles

Delivering their first batch at the end of 2015, Evergreen was first in the Nevada edibles market. “We started with brownies, coconut macaroons and chocolate chip cookies,” Velarde explains. They added

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