Is Water-Soluble THC the Next Move Forward for Edibles?

Singer co-founded his infused-product company, Stillwater Brands, with Jeremy Goldstein in 2016, hiring food industry professionals from Mars, Inc. and a public relations firm that specializes in food and beverage – not cannabis. Their signature product, Ripple, is a water-soluble (powderized) form of THC and CBD that is tasteless and dissolvable. It can infuse virtually anything ingestible with the cannabinoids, turning water, soup, recipes and whatever-the-hell you want into an edible. Since Ripple’s debut, Stillwater has released infused instant coffee and teas with the same technology, with serving sizes ranging from 2.5 to 10 milligrams of CBD and THC.

Unlike cannabutter or cooking oils, Stillwater’s products don’t need fat to bond with; its cannabinoids are already activated, so they don’t require heat to affect users. The powder, derived from distillate, is tasteless and has zero calories, Singer says – an advancement in edibles few could’ve imagined ten years ago. Yet despite

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