Rapper Wiki Talks Coming Up in NYC, Leprechaun Lifestyles, and Making Edibles in 25 Minutes or Less

Guess what, buds? MERRY JANE has a new show on Facebook Live, broadcasting every Tuesday Thursday at 4:20pm PT, on the dot. We’ll be bringing you guests from the worlds of cannabis and culture to just kick back, relax, talk life and blow some dro with our editor-in-chief Noah Rubin. We’ll also be taking questions from our lit audience, so get ready to roll your favorite herb and chill with us for an online smokeout.

Our latest episode connects the coasts with New York City rapper Wiki. From his teenage beginnings fronting the Big Apple rap group RATKING to his newly released solo debut No Mountains in Manhattan, the 24-year-old emcee is wise beyond his years. While sampling an expertly rolled joint of XJ-13 from THC Design, Wiki broke down the introspective nature of his new project, what it’s like

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