Cannabis legislation: zero tolerance for THC while driving, growing at home

Forget about growing your own cannabis at home in Quebec, or driving a car for hours after smoking a spliff.

When cannabis becomes legal in Canada later this year, the only place tokers will be allowed to acquire marijuana will be the SQC — the Societé Quebecoise du Cannabis — which will have both storefronts and internet sales.

In tabling legislation regulating cannabis in the province, Public Safety Minister Lucie Charlebois said the government-operated stores will be the only legal place to procure cannabis in the province, similar to the SAQ’s monopoly on spirits and the distribution of all alcohol.

“This group will sell, but will not promote the use of cannabis,” said Charlebois.

“The goal is not to increase the market. The goal is to move the black market to the legal market.”

She said people will finally know exactly what they are buying, and the health impact it will have. 

The SQC will be

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