Survival of the Lit-est: Made Right Wholesale’s Mixed Cannabis Survival Pack

Cannabis Survival Pack by Made Right Wholesale

My friends and I have often fantasized about an item in the recreational market that carries a sampling from each category of cannabis products: an edible, a pre-roll, some flower and concentrate. Well, Made Right Wholesale answered our prayers with their Survival Pack.

I opened up the Pre-Roll first and began puffin’ away. I loved having a clean, easy-to-smoke joint while I prepared my dab rig for the Strawberry Cough BHO. Blast off! With a zesty lemon profile, this BHO was worth the entire purchase alone. Providing a solid head high, I went about my morning, cleaning, cooking and doing other household duties. About an hour in, I digested the edible, Trippin’ Tangerine Chill Pillz. They had a great taste and kicked in about 30 minutes or so after digestion. With a mellow body high, I sat and chilled for about two hours while devouring

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