Jewish foodies lose their minds over marijuana matzo balls

Jewish food maven Joan Nathan has some serious chutzpah.

In a recent cooking demo for Vice’s “Bong Appétit” series, Nathan, who’s considered the Julia Child of Jewish cuisine, infuses classic matzo balls with a trippy twist: weed.

“It’s supposed to be lighthearted,” the “King Solomon’s Table” cookbook author tells The Post of her pot-powered recipe. “I don’t think [a little marijuana is] crazy.”

The Eastern European food staple, often served during Sabbath dinner, is traditionally made with matzo meal, egg, oil, salt, pepper and schmaltz (rendered poultry fat). Nathan’s controversial recipe adds hemp — specifically, cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive marijuana derivative. CBD doesn’t get you high, but it’s been shown to lessen pain, anxiety and inflammation.

Nathan says she’s never “smoked” weed — “I have other things to do with my life” — but has eaten it twice. In the Vice video, she coos over her stoner soup’s “nutty” aroma, and sprinkles on

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