Cannabis cooking formulas: Calculate low-dose THC potency for your homemade cannabutter edibles

Hey, Cannabist!

Here’s a cooking question: Do I use only infused butter in my cookie recipe? I used an ounce of decarboxylated homegrown Banana Kush flower and sugar trim to infuse 4 sticks of butter. My favorite cookie recipe makes 60 cookies and calls for 1 cup of butter. How can I calculate the strength of my cannabutter, and what are my options for controlling potency in the cookies? I want the cookies to be about 10 milligrams THC per cookie. Thanks! –Head Cook

Hey, Head Cook!

Great question! Calculating THC potency in homemade cannabutter and edibles is an important head skill to master. Let’s review the basic formula for determining cannabutter THC content and then work out the measurements to yield 10-milligram servings for your favorite cookie recipe. Coincidentally, in Colorado, the standard serving size for a commercially made

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