Holy Dope: No, you are not hallucinating, that really is a NUN with a joint. And she not only smokes cannabis, she …

Most nuns devote themselves to prayer and spiritual contemplation, but you might say the Sisters of the Valley have fallen into bad habits – as they spend their days tending and smoking marijuana.

This bizarre order in the quiet country town of Merced in California is just one of the extraordinary stops on the route of the celebrities in the new ITV show Gone To Pot.

Christopher Biggins and Birds Of A Feather’s Linda Robson are among the stars visiting the states in America which have legalised marijuana, for a series addressing the hugely controversial debate over whether the drug should be allowed in Britain.

Pro-legalisation campaigners point to its supposed medical benefits – as do the Sisters of the Valley, who make oils, salves and soaps from the drug they describe as a ‘gift from God’ and which they claim provides relief from the symptoms of arthritis, epilepsy

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