Mac and cheese? Pretty please! | Cannabis recipe

I think I perfected the boxed mac-and-cheese hack in my super broke days right after college. You can only eat the blue box so many times before you actually do get the blue box blues, and it’s boring as hell to eat anything straight-out-of-the-box.  Adding mix-ins to a box or two of the store stuff and baking it for a few minutes with breadcrumbs makes everyone at the table get more nutrients while also satiating junk-food cravings.

Though this is super easy, it goes deeper than adding just any old vegetable. You have to amp up the cheese and seasoning if you want it to still taste like mac and cheese, not just seasoned pasta.

If you want it to be a repeat hit in the house, tweaking to the point of cannabis casserole perfection is not hard at all. Break out all of those combos you have been dreaming about, because

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