This Soldier Is Celebrating Veterans Day With Family, Reflection, and a Big Coner

Cody Simpson wants fellow veterans to know that medicinal marijuana has changed his life for the better. While serving as a chef in the Canadian military, Simpson was deployed to Afghanistan. The experience left him constantly rattled, ready to snap under the smallest amount of pressure.

Upon his return to Canada, he started using cannabis to help with his symptoms. A neighbor reported him to the military police and he was discharged for drug use. In an ironic twist, Simpson was eventually diagnosed with PTSD and now acquires his medicinal cannabis through Veterans Affairs.

He’s now committed to educating other vets about the benefits of medicinal marijuana. As the Wellness Soldier, Simpson authors cookbooks, speaks to veterans groups, and regularly puts on cooking demos at cannabis conventions, all with the goal of educating others on the best way to consume the herb through a healthy diet.

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