Marijuana Baking Powder Is Now a Thing

For years, people have attempted to make their own edibles and, let’s face it, many of those products haven’t been that great. But a new product could dramatically change everyone’s edible game.

Two companies, THC Design and Made by Design, have partnered together to make a revolutionary marijuana powder that can be used to make consistent edibles. Now technically, powders have been injected with marijuana concentrates in the past, but the makers of this new powder say it’s easily dissolved in water or sprinkled into baked goods to deliver a consistent THC dosage, something other powders cannot do. THC Design co-founder Ryan Jennemann says his powder is the “first easy-to-use, water-soluble, cannabis-extract mixture in California, and one of the first in the world.”

Most edible makers today mix marijuana oils into their baked goods to create the products you purchase in dispensaries. Jennemann says that oils are unreliable, and that dosages can be

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