This Job Will Earn You Six-Figures In The Marijuana Industry

Making money in the burgeoning cannabis industry doesn’t take rocket science.

But making a TON of money in the cannabis might.

Well, it might not technically “rocket” science, but having a degree in advanced science is a one-way ticket to a six-figure job in the rapidly growing cannabis industry, according to people in the business.

A New Job Market

According to the analytics firm, New Frontier Data, the cannabis industry is expected to employ up to 300,000 people by the year 2020. While this certainly is a staggering figure, most of these jobs will be entry-level positions like budtender or trimmer. In other words, relatively low paying jobs that require little skill or training.

Bud trimmers, who trim and prep buds before the product hits retail shelves, typically make around $8-$12 an hour, because, frankly, the work just isn’t difficult to master.

“It takes all of 10 minutes to train someone to do it properly, and

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