These Cannabis Pioneers Created the First Water-Based Weed Lube

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It’s finally here: weed lube that won’t dissolve condoms or dildos. It’s something we never knew we needed, but we damn well need it now.

As far as any of us can remember, cannabis is something that’s always been infused into oils. Butter, vegetable oil, olive oil, and even animal fats are traditionally used to dissolve cannabis’ oily cannabinoids and terpenes. In chemistry, we call this phenomenon “like dissolves like.” In other words, water-soluble substances can dissolve other water-soluble substances (e.g. table salt and water). Oil-soluble substances can only dissolve other oil-soluble substances (e.g. butter and olive oil).

Tarukino LLC, a cannabis company based in Washington State, has achieved the impossible: their team – led by Juan Ayala, an MIT graduate and former marketing director for Microsoft —

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