Our View: Defeat of pot regulations reflects badly on Augusta

Now that Maine legislators have upheld Gov. LePage’s veto of L.D. 1650, the bill to regulate the retail cultivation and sale of recreational marijuana, they can either allow a voter-approved citizen initiative to take effect Feb. 1, or they can continue to stall legalization. The excuse of the veto supporters is that they want to clarify the proposed regulations, but the reality is they’d rather cater to their base or to party leadership than enact the will of Maine voters.

By allowing the governor’s veto to stand, the Legislature has failed to address the significant – and valid – concerns raised after the narrow approval of last year’s adult-use cannabis referendum.

Lawmakers didn’t provide for more local control over marijuana sales. Under L.D. 1650, towns would have had to opt into the industry, much like a town votes to allow alcohol sales, rather than having to

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