What Is The Best Way To Decarboxylate (Decarb) Cannabis?

(image via TheChillBud.com)

Few things are as satisfying as making your own cannabis edibles. If you are an avid cannabis consumer, then you likely know what I am talking about. Being able to purchase edibles at retail outlets is great, don’t get me wrong, but there’s just something about pulling a tray of warm homemade cookies out of the oven that is always stellar. Confession – I am a notorious batter eater, whether it be brownies or cookies. Yes, I know all about the issues involved. I guess I am just a husky renegade like that.

I have been making my own edibles since the 1990s when I first started consuming cannabis. I do not have a wide array of edibles in my rotation like my friend Amber Senter (the undisputed champ of edible making), but I do make some decent baked goods. What I am most known for

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