Roy Choi Gives an Incredibly Detailed Review of Edibles

Roy Choi may be best known for bringing Korean tacos to the streets with food truck Kogi BBQ, or perhaps, his efforts to provide healthy fast food to underserved communities with Locol. But, the LA chef has another passion point that he has yet to turn into a full-fledged business: stoner culture.

Choi isn’t shy about his love of weed — he even has a pizza restaurant and cafe called POT. And from a recent interview in Culture Magazine, which covers cannabis culture, as well as past interviews with vape magazine Tokewell and even coffee culture website Sprudge, it’s clear that, if he wanted to, the chef could make a separate career out of reviewing edibles. Here are some of his best lines:

On how edibles miss the mark:

Every time you eat them it can be a little like ‘Russian

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