Iliana Regan, Queen of Midwestern Cuisine, Delves into Edibles

Iliana Regan often posts photos on Instagram of dishes she plans to add to the menu at Elizabeth, her Lincoln Square restaurant. But recently, her social media sneak peeks have included items that most, if not all, of her customers won’t ever taste. Nor will she.

Regan is working with Bedford Grow, a cannabis cultivator in southwest suburban Bedford Park, to produce a line of marijuana-infused edibles, making her the second award-winning Chicago chef to get in medicinal edibles game.

Hot Chocolate’s Mindy Segal has garnered considerable buzz for her pot-laced goodies, which were first announced by Cresco Labs in late 2015, around when Regan says she started working on ideas for her own line. Segal’s sweets are now sold as Mindy’s Artisanal Edibles at dispensaries across Illinois.

It’s too early to say when Regan’s edibles will go on the market, says Paul

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