Trick or Treating Safety Tips For Spotting Cannabis Edibles

Consumers of cannabis edibles are not criminals out to corrupt children at Halloween. In states where medical and recreational cannabis products are legal, edibles are meticulously labeled and packaged, and very easy to spot. When regulated for responsible consumption, cannabis is much easier to keep out of the hands of minors. Trick or treating children and their parents can check out more safety tips below on how to spot cannabis edibles.

No cannabis consumer wants their potent edibles ending up in a kid’s candy haul, despite alarmist stories like the video below from the Denver Police Department a couple of years ago that made its way into national headlines. Cannabis edibles are expensive. Who’d want to waste hard-earned money giving weed to children?

However, you should make sure your kids have all the information they need to stay safe when trick-or-treating. Talk to them about how to spot cannabis-infused candy. Let them know that

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