Student ‘Forgot to Burn Terror Manual’ Because He Smoked Lots of Pot

As many of us weed enthusiasts know, there are pros and cons to smoking the green stuff.

Some pros include (but are not limited to): feelings of euphoria, a widened taste palette and, above all else, a non-habit forming method of relaxation.

However, some prevalent cons to take under consideration before indulging are lethargy, overeating and apparently, forgetting to burn that handy-dandy terrorism manual stashed under your bed.

OK, that last one might be a little far-fetched, but apparently not in the case of college student Joshua Walker.

When Role Playing Goes Too Far

Walker, a student at Wale’s Aberystwyth University, told police officers that he printed a partial version of The Anarchist Cookbook to use in a role-playing game. He was a member of the Crisis Games Society at his school and admitted to officers that the manuscript “probably should have been burned,” but he was “absolutely plastered” at the time and “smoked a lot” of weed,

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