Baked to Perfection: An Edibles Editor Shares a Recipe for Dank Dates Wrapped in Kief-Covered Bacon

Photos courtesy of Elise McDonough

When you pen something as iconic as The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook, you get to consider yourself a bit of a culinary legend. Whether or not Elise McDonough herself actually agrees with this, I’m gonna go ahead and call it: McDonough, High Times’ first Edibles Editor and a longtime cannabis advocate, is doing high-quality work. And her book doesn’t just run the grub gamut; it explores a number of cannabis cocktails to boot, using the herb for both its flavor as well as its medicinal benefits.

MERRY JANE caught up with McDonough to chat about the importance of patience, tourists tipping over into Amsterdam’s canals, and how there is no longer a “typical consumer” of cannabis. She also shared a delicious, seasonal recipe you absolutely must bring to your friends’ next potluck.

Bacon-Wrapped Dank Dates


12 large Medjool dates, pitted
4 oz. Gruyere cheese,

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