Edible Kit Rocky Road Fudge is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Grocery Retailers …

Grassman Gourmet produces easy-to-use and ecofriendly fudge kits. The company was started by two sisters with a passion for sweets and a love of the environment. Their kits are made with simple but delectable ingredients using as many ecofriendly materials as possible. They manufacture a unique, edible kit (in rocky road flavor) that allows consumers to make homemade edibles without the need for special equipment. Plus, they are gluten free! Manufactured in a dedicated, gluten free facility for those who need it. If you have a microwave and a bowl you can use their kit. No need to be a baker in order to prepare this simple dessert. Also, the kit provides a special filter to allow for superb taste. The filter is much easier and less messy than the cheesecloth recommended in many

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