Canadian Edibles Get a Green Light, Licensed Producers Rejoice

Seven months before the Cannabis Act was even introduced, executives of Organigram, a licensed cannabis producer based in New Brunswick, were so confident edibles would soon be introduced to the Canadian market that they signed a product development and distribution deal with an American company that has a line of cannabis oil extracts and edibles. The gamble paid off.

The House Standing Committee on Health, which studies issues related to Health Canada, including bills and regulations, recently voted for an amendment to the Cannabis Act that, if approved by the House of Commons, will ensure cannabis edibles and concentrates will be introduced to the Canadian market no later than 12 months after recreational cannabis becomes legal next summer.

Licensed producers have joined the chorus of cannabis advocates applauding the move; it would be a boon to Canada’s cannabis industry. In Colorado, Washington and Oregon, U.S. states in which concentrates and edibles are

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