Police raid hotel in search for suspect in K-2 overdoses

Police have zeroed in on a suspect investigators believe sold the synthetic cannabis blamed for dozens of overdoses across Minneapolis earlier this month.

Acting on a tip, police last week raided a Brooklyn Center hotel room where they believed the dealer was operating, according to a recently filed warrant affidavit.

A Minneapolis detective said he heard from an informant that the 44-year-old man was selling “dirty” K-2 — another name for the drug, which mimics the effects of naturally grown marijuana but can be many times more potent — out of the Norwood Inn and Suites, at 6415 James Av. N., court records show.

Authorities suspect that batch of drugs was responsible for about 40 overdoses over the weekend of Oct. 6-8.

Police later obtained a search warrant for the man’s hotel room, but it wasn’t immediately clear what, if anything, was seized. The man hadn’t been arrested as

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