In Canada, Marijuana Edible Sales Delayed Even As Interest Among Canadians Grows

Canada continues to move forward on national legalization of marijuana, which is set to happen in July 2018. But, one product will have to wait a year beyond that date: edible marijuana.

While the wait will delay what has been a profitable business in U.S. states where cannabis is legal, it’s a win for the marijuana industry because edibles originally were not going to be legal at all.

When Canadian leaders first drafted the legislation that will make both medical and recreational marijuana legal across the nation, they decided not to include marijuana-infused edible products.

However, that changed this month after a vote by the Canadian House of Commons health committee. The committee decided to allow edible sales, but not until July 2019.

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Edible delay

Why delay edibles in the first place? Because some have concerns about the potency of

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