Taste the Caribbean in savory pumpkin soup | Cannabis recipe

Pumpkin is more than a vaguely orange-colored goop for flavoring cakes, pies and lattes. It’s a staple food in dozens of countries, as its size, ease of cultivation, nutrient content, and bonus edible seeds lead it to be almost ubiquitous. Mine comes in the green kabocha variety, readily purchased at the Asian market.

Pumpkin is also very big in the Caribbean, and this is probably for a lot of the same reasons. Pumpkin soup is a beloved breakfast soup in Jamaica, and it’s well-seasoned with scallions chilis, thyme and allspice, making for a uniquely flavored brew that’s energizing, with the fat your brain needs in the morning and the potent seasoning that Jamaicans are beloved for serving up. This version, adapted from The New York Times, is infused with cannabis for a dram of the good stuff.

Spicy Caribbean cannabis pumpkin soup

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