Did an Edible Make a Delta Passenger Punch His Flight Attendant?

Joseph Daniel Hudek IV first made headlines back in July for an irate outburst he had on a Delta Airlines flight from Seattle to Beijing. On that July 6 flight, Hudek became so violent and out of control that passengers and flight attendants had to work together to subdue him.

And in an affidavit released this week, Hudek finally issued his official excuse for his behavior: he got too high eating edibles.

It’s true: an edibles high can be an overwhelming experience. And it can sometimes sneak up on you, taking your system by surprise. Making a long story short, the body processes and absorbs THC through a different pathway when you eat it. And the result can often be an unusually intense high.

But that kind of high will more likely land you in a catatonic state, not impel you to open an emergency exit on a fully loaded

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