Weedguide Unveils AI-Powered Cannabis Search Engine, Raises …

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — After securing $1.7 million in seed funding, Weedguideâ„¢ has unveiled its new search platform for the medical and recreational marijuana community.  Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, Weedguide gives you personalized recommendations from millions of articles, videos, products, dispensary locations, recipes and strains across the web.

Explains CEO Claudio Cañive, “General purpose search engines are fine for most things. But when it comes to answering specific questions about cannabis, you need something that’s laser focused. Ever tried searching for “weed” in Google®? You’ll get 922 million results, from tips on gardening to rolling a joint and everything in between. Weedguide gives cannabis consumers a simpler way to browse through vast amounts of data and find exactly what they need.”

Like other search engines, Weedguide allows for semantic input and natural language processing. What differentiates Weedguide is its unique classification system, which

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