Make Fall Happen With These Cannabis-Infused Apple Cider Donuts

Apples are so important to Americana that they are used to reference America. The juicy, sweet fruits grow in abundance and in not so welcoming temperatures. Without them, colonial settlers would have starved. In the 1700s in New Jersey, where there are apple orchards as abundant as tanning salons are today.

The nonalcoholic cider we have today is only made possible with the advent of refrigeration, as in times past it would have started to ferment in mere moments. Aside from mulling and drinking, cider is great when added to desserts.

Hemp was also arguably a huge part of the survival of the colonies, and if America wants to keep growing with the times, they’ll have a reconciliation with the plant, and its past. People used hemp smoke for asthma and pain back then, and we’re going to use

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