Colorado bans marijuana edibles that look like kids’ candy

Three years after the state’s chief medical officer called for a ban on most marijuana-infused edibles in the interest of food safety, Colorado has enacted changes that should make this Halloween a little less risky.

The state’s potent Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) did not act on Dr. Larry Wolk’s 2014 call to ban edibles and the Colorado Legislature passed House Bill (HB) 1436 in April 2016.

The bill required MED to come up with a way to keep children from mistakenly eating edible marijuana products shaped like gummy bears, fruit snacks or other edibles shaped like animals or people.

Wolk, a pediatrician who heads the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), bucked the political establishment when he sought to ban edibles during marijuana’s recreational rollout in the Mile High state.

But that was all he could do. Marijuana regulation in Colorado is limited

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