At least 60 overdosed on synthetic marijuana last week in Minneapolis

Overdoses on synthetic cannabis sent people to the hospital in Minneapolis at least 60 times last week, causing hallucinations and violent behavior in some users, while leaving others nearly “comatose,” health officials said.

The number of emergency calls involving suspected overdoses in the city was double that number, from midnight Sept. 29 through Sunday afternoon, officials said.

“This is the biggest outbreak in Minnesota that I’m aware of since 2015,” said Dr. Jon Cole, medical director of the Minnesota Poison Control System, the statewide agency that monitors drug overdoses. “This alone is going to change the numbers from 2017 and would increase it almost certainly from 2016.”

So far, none of the cases has been fatal, officials said.

The vast majority of the patients were treated at Hennepin County Medical Center, said Cole, a physician there. A spokesman for North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale declined to say Monday

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