Mandatory Potency Testing of MMJ Edibles, Concentrates Starts November 1

All medical marijuana edibles, concentrates and other infused products made in Colorado will soon be subject to mandatory potency testing now that state testing laboratories have reached an acceptable level of proficiency, according to the Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Retail marijuana product manufacturers have been required to send all of their products in for potency testing since 2014, fourteen years after Amendment 20 legalized medical marijuana. But it wasn’t until 2015 that the Colorado Legislature passed SB 260, a bill calling for medical marijuana and infused products to go though mandatory potency testing once the proficiency of state-approved cannabis testing labs was established. Now that it has been, all infused medical products must be tested for potency starting November 1. Any products made before that won’t be subject to potency testing.

Proficiency testing for medical marijuana flower was established in 2016, with

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