Will ‘Microbusiness’ Licenses Let Craft Cannabis Flourish in California?

Forest Gray’s resume reads like that of a man who has finally found his passion.

A biochemist whose academic studies focused on the benefits of psychoactive drugs, Gray entered the pharmaceutical world after college. A few years later he decided to abandon the sterility of the laboratory in pursuit of something even more noble: beer.

He founded Speakeasy Ales Lagers in 1997, and grew the San Francisco company to employ 50 people and produce a peak annual revenue of $10 million. Gray oversaw nearly every angle of the business, from beer recipes to logo design, packaging choices, equipment selection and quality assurance.

Then, in the months following the passage of California’s Proposition 64, Gray decided to trade in hops for cannabis.

Earlier this year he launched his new venture, Relativity Labs.

“Even though I was in beer for 20 years, it was essentially a ginormous detour,” he told Leafly.

Gray plans to translate his Speakeasy

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