Colorado pot edibles undergo more changes to make them safer under new rules

Colorado’s new rules for marijuana edibles kicked in Sunday, no longer allowing them to be shaped like fruits, animals or other things that can be confused for candies.

“We never want to make any products that would be appealing for a kid to take or be able to be confused for a child to take,” said Chad Crew Sales Manager of Colorado Harvest Company which operates several dispensaries.

They also require more prominent and easier to understand potency levels of psycho-active THC in edible products, which has sometimes led to overdosing in adults and hospitalization of children.

The rules come after more than a year of fine tuning Colorado’s leading role in shaping state legalized marijuana nationwide.

“Colorado’s always provided a blueprint for the rest of the nation to follow so to regulate our edibles is a very important step,” Crew said.

The cannabis labeling requires easier to read displays of THC dosages, following improvements

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