Nearly Half of Canada Wants to Try Edibles

The results of a new survey coming out of Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia show that 46 percent of Canadians will try cannabis-infused foods when they are available.

The report was conducted in August by professor of food distribution and policy Dr. Silvain Charlebois.

Of the 1,087 survey participants, 39 percent would be willing to try marijuana cuisine in restaurants. Only 20 percent said they are interested in cooking with the herb at home, citing a lack of knowledge on how to cook with cannabis.

Regarding the end of cannabis prohibition in general, 59 percent of Canadians are worried about the risks legal pot might present to children and young adults. Despite the concern, 68 percent support adult-use marijuana legalization across the Great White North.

When looking at the breakdown of provincial results in the survey, support for legal pot is predictable. British Columbians are the most supportive at 79 percent

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